’s Official Opening!

This website will act as a sort-of central hub for Black Records. It will be replacing the old way of sending demos, (composing and sending via email) and replacing it with a much more clean and intuitive way to be able to contact the people running Black Records. Not to say the contact page is only for demos. If there is any reason you want to contact us, go ahead and send something.

This website will also be the place where we will announce things such as albums, artist mixes or anything really. We will still post on our social media, but this site will provide much more info on the announcements we will make. There are also plans to have articles about non-musical related issues, such as interviews or thought-pieces, but it is unlikely you will be seeing anything like that yet.

We also want to thank Damashii Designs for making this website, we are very happy with it. Feel free to contact them if you need any work on a website of your own. And overall we are very excited about having this website up and running, it feels that the vision of Black Records is getting closer and closer to reality. If you have any questions about the label or this new website, feel free to contact us via the contact page. Thanks, and have a great day.