Removed at Dawn, Releasing February 9th

Our next record will be releasing February 9th at 20:00 UTC. We will not be releasing a single from this record, due to it being enjoyed much more when listened to all at once. Removed at Dawn was created by an anonymous artist going by the name “Ray Faded”.

Expect a very noisy, tense and atmospheric record, very similar to the sounds and style of saltwater creek by emperor tangerine. Not to say it is a copy of that release or even inspired by it, but if you would like to get an early taste without actually listening to the release, we recommend checking out that record before this one. Removed at Dawn feels like it could be the soundtrack to a horror film, similar to something like Eraserhead. It eats away at your conscious mind, it can easily make you disassociate from reality. This will be a very disturbing and moving record, and we hope to you will be ready for it this coming Saturday.