Stare Into That Silky Void by Lyndon Wier, releasing February 22nd

Lyndon Wier has been making music since 2015, but this is the very first time they have ever used their real name as their artist name. Lyndon may be best known for their work as 暗い自然, Emotion X and 2047. They were also responsible for the creation of BLCR Laboratories, as well as GLOBAL 43180.
Stare Into That Silky Void is a very personal record coming from Lyndon, featuring over an hour of dreampunk inspired ambient drone tracks. The record is a self-reflection, with realizations of what they had repressed and hid from others when they were younger. It is also a sort-of recognition and them admitting what they had done wrong in the past. Lyndon says that this record is to help them move on from these mistakes and to become a better person because of that.

Stare Into That Silky Void will release this Friday at 20:00 UTC. If you need a conversion into your time zone, you can check here.