Our Wonderful World, Releasing March 19th

Suchamazingdoge will be returning to Black Records this March 19th with their newest release Our Wonderful World. Its a very simple record, not one that makes you think of new ideas or even old ideas that are still hard to grasp. It is simply about our home, Earth. It is a very simple record that we would recommend using ​to calm the nerves after a long day of stressful work. Suchamazingdoge is very good at creating sounds that make you think of things that are nostalgic to you and, to us, that is what makes their music so touching and personable.

Rain is the opening track to Our Wonderful World. Very soothing and nostalgic of a time we weren’t alive for.

Our Wonderful World will release this Tuesday at 22:00 UTC. If you need a conversion into your time zone, you can check here.