Misfound by Balthazar, releasing April 3rd

Misfound is a new record created by Ex Aquis, a France-based producer that has previously released on Aurawire, and you can also find his personal Bandcamp page here. Ex Aquis will be releasing Misfound under a brand new alias, known as Balthazar. The record will be releasing on April 3rd, at 22:00 UTC. If you want to see how that translates to your timezone, just check here.

Misfound sounds as if all of the tracks are live recordings deep within a laboratory experimenting on humans and different animals that don’t even exist outside of that laboratory. It is unsettling, and beautiful. It feels as if the record is following one human test subject trying to escape those experiments, and eventually either failing or succeeding. We’ll let you decide.

You can hear the single Sandblasted right above here. This track is one of our personal favorite tracks released so far on the entire label, so we hope you will enjoy the track as much as we do. Enjoy.