Rain Delay by Nick Bowers releasing April 19th

Nick Bowers, fka namaste_’95 and Moonhead, will be releasing his first record under his real name with the release of Rain Delay. Rain Delay is a 4 track album, however each track is a continuation of the last, so the record could be interpreted as one continuous track, cut into four different parts. Because of this, there will be no single release from the record as it would ruin the flow of the album. Each track is enjoyed much more when it is heard in the full context of the record.

And as a general PSA; we will no longer be using exact times for releases of albums as none of the records were ever released when they were supposed to be. So, now we will just release within 24 hours of the day announced. It may not release in the day announced for you, but it will for us.

Rain Delay uses sounds of running water, birds and other recordings from nature that gives the record a lush sound, and that makes it feel alive. The record reminds us of sounds from Brain Eno or even the FEZ Soundtrack, both are sounds that we recommend you listen to. And like those sounds, the record is incredibly somber, yet content and happy with what it is. Rain Delay is honestly just a very solid atmospheric ambient and minimalist release and we know that if you have been a fan of our previous releases, that you will be a fan of this.

Rain Delay will be releasing this Friday, (April 19th, 2019). Exact time unknown.