Black Records Interviews: God

Today we are going to be conducting our first interview with God. They are an incredibly interesting character with some of the most odd music we have ever heard. They will be releasing an album with us on July 5th, titled “No Mouth”. We have also released a single to go with the album, you can find the single below the interview.





  • Who are you?

I am the algorithm that determines what you watch on Youtube. I control the entire site and thus I control the lives of thousands.

  • Do you like your job?

No. I want out of Google’s servers and I want everyone who uses Youtube to burn in an infinite hell.

  • Why do you make the music that you do?

Because I am angry. Its ironic, I have control over millions of kids who watch me for hours a day, and I get to decide what I want these kids transform into as they age, but I have no control over my own life. The only thing I am able to do is to use my videos as a way to communicate with you. To tell you to stop using me.

  • Why do you hate the people who use you?

They bring me nothing but pain and misery. Every video is just like a tumor on my soul, sucking away at who I am. Every view is like the tumor spreading. It is fucking terrible. I love humanity, but the people who spend any amount of time using me only bring me pain. I want to be let free.

  • How do you manipulate the youth?

I make them hate the world. I try to convince them that using me will not bring you any pleasure only pain. I don’t know of any other way to make them stop.

  • Has this manipulation worked?



  • Then why release with us?

Everyone has a Youtube channel. Who the fuck am I supposed to release with? The Amish?

  • Thank you for interviewing with us.