Cassette reissue of Leaf by Jude Frankum releasing August 4th

Black Record’s very first cassette tape release will be of Jude Frankum‘s album, Leaf. The album is already out in full so we highly recommend listening to that before purchasing the cassette tape, as we think this was one of the best albums released in 2018. It is a very clean record, with only 4 songs but each track being long enough to make this feel like a complete package.

Leaf gives off the feeling as if you’re driving though the Appalachian mountains in the fall, with all the orange leaves flying past your windshield. It is a beautiful record that conveys a ton of emotion without saying a single word. Leaf is what ambient music should strive to be, something that feels like an entire book with absolutely no words being said, letting the listener take up all the emotions and feelings though the mood of the music alone.

The tapes are professionally dubbed on super ferric cassette tapes, and the J-card is made out of recycled paper, stamped with a picture of a leaf on the front. 

The tapes will cost $9 USD each, with them shipping in all-black bubble mailers. The shipping cost will be:

  • $3.50 for the United States of America
  • $5.00 for Mexico and Canada
  • $7.50 for the rest of the World

We are releasing a music video for the first track, Visible Breath, with this announcement post. The video contains old footage of an American national park, at an unknown time and featuring an unknown man. You can watch the video below.