Prelude to You by Cacola releasing August 14th

Prelude to You is one of the best records Cacola has made to date, features samples from all walks of musical genres, including rock, emo and even a bit of the Undertale Soundtrack. It is full of bittersweet emotions, with every track being upbeat with a saddening and real undertone. Someone with close ties to Black Records got an early listen to the album and decided to make a review of it, her name is Alice and you can follow her here. (Be warned the Twitter account is 18+) The review is directly below.

“So I got this a bit early, as a pre release from the gal behind this herself (total sweety but I won’t let that skew my score) anywhoo. What’s on display here is some glitzy goodness rife with some yummy rhythms and shiny synths.

The opener (The Whole World is Watching) has stuttering breakbeats, neigh funk inspired composition (to my ears at least) at points and accentuated guitar lines, quickly segueing into the next track seamlessly. This album isn’t really wholly in my expertise but track two is also delicious, with a closing vocal sample being adorable.

Now You as a Choice, this I can discuss. Guitars flow through gently but still have crunch, low in the mix but still noted. They make room for some really cute uplifting synth textures with a flanger effect still being a layer in the guitars, then the riffs come back and we get some obscured in a fog. This all comes together like Slowdive meeting a person brought up on feelgood anime, and I fucking love that.
Pretty oscillations open the 5th, more layers slowly going on til a 4-on-the-floor groove hits, sounding like a retro-future club banger. Spaceships will be bumping this in parties in the future. This song really REALLY highlights the great use of space this album has, both in theme and mixing. Details pile on with grace and everything flows as it should.
While not an issue in this album, there’s an issue on the review’s side. This album is consistent, consistent as fuck. I can only preach for so long about how the bleeps, textures and arpeggios are really really really good. But know this album is just, perfect for those who love really well produced, bop-centered electronic music, the ending of Broken Belle especially being good for texture lovers and ASMR people.

And the guitar lines are simply blissful, shimmering and gentle. Cacola would clearly have the chops to be a great guitar player, and her sampling of them on Popstar are sublime too.

Simply put, Cacola is out of her league, making professional sounding music for only a small fanbase. If you’ve seen the name or the album and listened to it, you’re a lucky party.”

You can also hear the single, “The Girl on the Ice Cream Wrapper” below.