Black Records Interviews: Suchamazingdoge

Suchamazingdoge will be releasing his first ever metrosong record on Black Records this September 14th, titled “Cities”. Cities consists of nothing but clean, funky corporate tracks, witch each track timed at 7:24. It will be Suchamazingdoge’s 4th record on Black Records, so we decided to interview one of the most prolific artists on the label to date.  You can hear the single from Cities here: #ZeroWaste. Interview below.



  • What is the meaning behind the name Suchamazingdoge?

My alias started when I created my Reddit account in 2016. Back then, I’m pretty sure doge memes were popular, so I thought it would be clever to combine doge with such and amazing, since they were both used in those memes.

  • Do you think naming yourself Suchamazingdoge is a reflection of internet meme culture?


  • What are your musical inspirations?

I have a lot, but my top 3 would probably be Andrew Huang, Aphex Twin, and Pharrell Williams.

  • What are your non-musical inspirations?

Probably Sol LeWitt, Piet Mondrian, and Kandinsky.

  • Do you have a fondness for minimalist art?

Yeah. I really like how simple it is, and most of the time you don’t have to think about the meaning of it.

  • Do you think minimalism is shown in your music?

Most of the time. Sometimes in songs like 3, there can be a few elements making up the song, and in songs like BreakingBreaks, there can be a lot more elements to it.

  • Do you practice minimalism as a lifestyle?


  • What is your opinion on Metrosong?

I like it. If done well, it can be really good.

  • What is the best stuff that you’ve heard from Metrosong?

Probably Green Ideas by Pine Voc or Leaf by Jude Frankum.

  • Is there anything else you want to say before we end this?