Black Records Interviews: Brendi

Brendi has made an album to release for this Halloween, named NOize. It is full of emotions in regards to the holiday. Listening to the record in the context of it being released on October 31st is the best way to listen to it, as you should listen as if it is a critique of the holiday. Brendi has released with Black Records before, with , and she is continuing her experimental musical path with us with NOize, this time featuring 4 tracks all consisting of harsh noise.
Because critiquing an entire holiday for an album was fascinating to us, we deiced to conduct an interview with her. She tells us all about her musical inspirations, as well as her opinion on Halloween as a whole. You can read the full interview below. ​
  • What are your biggest musical influences?
Originally I was influenced by a lot of electronic pop like the Gorillaz and other electronic stuff like the Aphex Twin I was listening to at the time. Gradually I got more eccentric with my music tastes, until I devolved into absolute variety-maximalism for music. On any day, you can find me listening to anything from Anoyo by Tim Hecker to the raging hells of Pulse Demon by Merzbow. Really, all music seeps into my work in some way or another.
Overall, the biggest influence I can definitively say have had influences on my music are Death Grips and Cacola.
  • How often do you use your music as a way to channel your emotions?
Any chance I get. Very rare I have a shitty day and not at least try to open up FL Studio.
  • Do you use music creation as a way to vent?
Absolutely! In fact, on this latest EP, it was nothing but a vent.
  • How do you feel about halloween?
Okay, so like, I don’t like how it’s celebrated in America.
I like its scary aesthetic, but holy fuck it gets old real fast. Apparently corporations think it’s now funny to just spam the same jumpscares over and over again in their advertisments and media until someone eventually wets themselves in their living room.
As someone who is spooked very easily, the scariest thing about the holiday here in America is when I have to dish out diabetes sticks to innocent children who do not know better. I fucking hate it, and it reminds me of how I became fat.
Plus, my seasonal anxieties and other mental woes usually flare up and turn me into an oafish and unthinking monster around the season’s start, so there’s that.
  • How much does NOize play into your feelings about Halloween?
Serves as a propaganda piece in my opinion.
The track names were born out of the flowers that are present on the cover, along with that moment in that one SpongeBob episode with the seahorse where Squidward’s flowers hissed at him, so naturally, I made a poem out of it, as a human does. The poem mostly symbolizes how we all live. We exist, we hiss, we get sick, and then die. The capitalization is mostly how one reacts when first confronted with this realization. And yes, I am fully aware it says NOON on one of them.
  • With all of this being said, what’s your favorite candy to get when trick-or-treating?
While it’s very rare I actually get it, my favorite candy is the soul of the rich. It’s very bitter, very rich, and very healthy for the environment. Gummies are appreciated too. I like the sour ones.