Black Records Interviews: Suchamazingdoge

Suchamazingdoge will be releasing his first ever metrosong record on Black Records this September 14th, titled “Cities”. Cities consists of nothing but clean, funky corporate tracks, witch each track timed at 7:24. It will be Suchamazingdoge’s 4th record on Black Records, so we decided to interview one of the most prolific artists on the label to date.  You can hear the single from Cities here: #ZeroWaste. Interview below.


Disposable art

Does releasing art onto the world have the same impact as it used to? I honestly don’t know the answer to that, but that question popped into my head when I was listening to silk road by computer dreams. This album is, alright. It honestly sounds identical to 99% of Vaporwave that’s released. Slow, airy and dry. But the only reason I even knew about this album was because someone “hacked” the page a while ago and changed all the track names to random titles. It seems to have been fixed now, but it made me think about how much aesthetic has taken over music, and how disposable music has become. Like this album could have had all the tracks changed and I doubt anyone would have even noticed the change, but only when the aesthetics are tampered with is when people notice the change.


Prelude to You by Cacola releasing August 14th

Prelude to You is one of the best records Cacola has made to date, features samples from all walks of musical genres, including rock, emo and even a bit of the Undertale Soundtrack. It is full of bittersweet emotions, with every track being upbeat with a saddening and real undertone. Someone with close ties to Black Records got an early listen to the album and decided to make a review of it, her name is Alice and you can follow her here. (Be warned the Twitter account is 18+) The review is directly below.

Black Records Interviews: God

Today we are going to be conducting our first interview with God. They are an incredibly interesting character with some of the most odd music we have ever heard. They will be releasing an album with us on July 5th, titled “No Mouth”. We have also released a single to go with the album, you can find the single below the interview.


In Memory by Anselm H releasing June 5th

Strained against the microphone, In Memory by Anselm H is both terrifying and calming. It successfully blends both a feeling of stress and worry onto the listener, while also giving a feeling of inner peace and stillness to create a truly unique and strange listening experience. The contrasts of emotions in this record are what drove us to releasing it, and we hope you will enjoy it yourself when it releases June 5th.

Deep Space Mission (Ashvins VII) will be launching May 20th

The deep space mission Ashvins VII will be launching for the Luyten 726-8 binary star system on May 20th and will last approximately 25 years. The mission is the continuation of the Ashvins missions, headed by BSEA (Black Space Exploration Agency). The goal of the Ashvins missions is to colonize planets and star systems with both human and non-human settlers in order to populate the universe with the Earth genome. To fill the universe with life, and to create a refuge for the lifeforms on Earth if they ever need a new home. God speed Ashvins VII.


Rain Delay by Nick Bowers releasing April 19th

Nick Bowers, fka namaste_’95 and Moonhead, will be releasing his first record under his real name with the release of Rain Delay. Rain Delay is a 4 track album, however each track is a continuation of the last, so the record could be interpreted as one continuous track, cut into four different parts. Because of this, there will be no single release from the record as it would ruin the flow of the album. Each track is enjoyed much more when it is heard in the full context of the record.

And as a general PSA; we will no longer be using exact times for releases of albums as none of the records were ever released when they were supposed to be. So, now we will just release within 24 hours of the day announced. It may not release in the day announced for you, but it will for us.


Misfound by Balthazar, releasing April 3rd

Misfound is a new record created by Ex Aquis, a France-based producer that has previously released on Aurawire, and you can also find his personal Bandcamp page here. Ex Aquis will be releasing Misfound under a brand new alias, known as Balthazar. The record will be releasing on April 3rd, at 22:00 UTC. If you want to see how that translates to your timezone, just check here.

Misfound sounds as if all of the tracks are live recordings deep within a laboratory experimenting on humans and different animals that don’t even exist outside of that laboratory. It is unsettling, and beautiful. It feels as if the record is following one human test subject trying to escape those experiments, and eventually either failing or succeeding. We’ll let you decide.


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