Blackwitch by Paul Dead out now:

Paul Dead has been making amazing Witch House for quite a long time now and we are super happy to be releasing this EP from him. Blackwitch can best be described as dark, depressing a little edgy – but edgy in an actual cool and interesting way. Enjoy the record.

You can download and stream Blackwitch here.

Our Wonderful World, Releasing March 19th

Suchamazingdoge will be returning to Black Records this March 19th with their newest release Our Wonderful World. Its a very simple record, not one that makes you think of new ideas or even old ideas that are still hard to grasp. It is simply about our home, Earth. It is a very simple record that we would recommend using ​to calm the nerves after a long day of stressful work. Suchamazingdoge is very good at creating sounds that make you think of things that are nostalgic to you and, to us, that is what makes their music so touching and personable.


超越灵魂 by 死亡渠道 out now

死亡渠道 has provided us with a story to go along with this record, so we have put it in the description of the album which you can find here.

We have also now made every record in our discography  name your price. Just simply put in $0.00 if you want a free download. However, Earth will be raised to $5.00 so that you can still buy the entire discography with a single transaction. You can still download Earth for free here.

超越灵魂 by 死亡渠道, releasing March 5th

超越灵魂 is a very heartbreaking record. It creates a sort-0f faux pain in your chest when you listen to it, and we think that it’s exciting to hear a brand-new medicalsounds album coming from a brand-new brain. 死亡渠道, also known as Hans, or 夢のチャンネル, has been in the vaporwave scene for quite some time now and is ready to spread his own creative wings and start making music. We’re very happy to be apart of his musical creation journey.


Stare Into That Silky Void by Lyndon Wier out now

This record is very personal to Lyndon. It is about several personal struggles that they’ve had throughout their life. But because they have made this record it means they have beaten all of those struggles. You can purchase here, or receive a free download here. Download includes 1 alternate album cover.

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey everyone, hope you’re spending this Valentines day with someone you love. Or not, being single is cool too. We’ve re-released an album that was deleted with the Acid Medical label today, as well as set the entire discography up for a 75% discount. No need to buy each album individually anymore. Enjoy this February 14th!

Removed at Dawn by Ray Faded out now

Removed at Dawn is tense and unnerving, it feels like it could be the soundtrack to a David Lynch film. Ray Faded said that Removed at Dawn was supposed to feel as if it was creating tension in your brain, and strain on your body. These feelings make this record something you can easily disassociate when listening to, however it is much more calming than anxious in our experience. We recommend listening to this on a bus ride home, or while staring at your ceiling while laying in bed.

You can purchase here, or receive a free download here.

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